SOLD!!! Hamilton 992 (railroad chronometer)

Brand: Hamilton

Model: caliber 992 (railroad certified chronometer)

Year of production: 1928

Diameter (without crown): 51 mm


This beautiful Hamilton railroad chronometer pocket watch represents the best quality of watches made in America. After some train wrecks caused by poor timekeeping of conductors pocket watches, watchmaker Ball was appointed to develop standard for railroad watches. These pocket watches became known as railroad chronometers, and had to run within 30 seconds a week, regardless of position and temperature. These watches required to be set with a special lever, hidden beneath the bezel, to prevent accidental setting of the watch. Employees of the railroad had to purchase their own watch, which could easily cost more then a month wage, and was worn with pride.

Hamilton was know as “the watch of railroad accuracy” and the caliber 992 was one of the most common Hamilton railroad chronometers. It’s a movement of extremely high quality, featuring impressive specifications like 21 ruby jewels, set in gold settings. The balance wheel compensates for temperature differences and has an blued steel overcoil hairspring. In addition the center wheel is made from gold, just because they could. This movement is housed in a Keystone 14 carat white gold filled case, guaranteed to wear for 25 years, the heaviest rolled filled case type.


The white gold filled case is in very good condition, with minor scratches and wear. The gold filling hasn’t been worn through. The crystal is an original mineral glass crystal and has no scratches. The double sunk enamel dial is in pristine condition, without any hairlines or chips. The movement is in very good condition and has been fully serviced and a modern alloy mainspring has been fitted. The watch is keeping proper time and is well within 1 minute a day.

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